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I have been surveying full time since October of 1989.  My training came from working in a boat yard and from being mentored by my late husband, Mr. Rod Whitfield.  His background began when he was eight years old and his grandfather gave him a sailing dinghy. Since that time, he had owned 27 sail boats (one of which he built of aluminum) and operated approximately 125 others.

People often ask me how I became a marine surveyor.  It's really fairly simple.  I used to process Rod's reports.  But he had terrible handwriting so I started attending surveys with him and taking notes so that the report (which is 50% of the job) would come out reading properly.  He looked at me one day and said "Peg, you're not stupid and you love boats.  Why don't you get your own accreditation?"  I was able to do that in 1990 and carry on the business since Rod's passing in 2000.

Our corporation was formed in October of 1986. Since that time, we have performed over 2,670 condition and valuation surveys. In addition, approximately 75% of our work involves property loss investigations for various insurance companies. Our work is accepted by virtually all major and local financial institutions and insurance carriers.

We thank you again for your attention and hope that we can be of service to you now or in the future.

Yours truly,


Peggy J. Feakes, SAMS® AMS® and CMI-I

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