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To our prospective clients:

Thank you for this opportunity to present our firm's background and the range of our services, which include: condition and valuation surveys (for purchase and/or insurance) and property loss (damage) investigations.

Condition and valuation surveys are performed for pre-purchase, insurance and/or financing. Our job is to go over the vessel from one end to the other, looking for structural condition, system operation (where we can test it) and compliance with safety standards. We will also work up a valuation; generally this is based on values of like or comparable vessels.

For damage claims, our job is to determine the proximate cause of loss, the extent of damage and make sure that the repair costs are fair and reasonable.

We go to great lengths to keep ourselves up to date on current technology and practices in the marine surveying and related fields by attending numerous technical seminars and by extensive reading of technical publications.

One of the requirements for being an Accredited Marine Surveyor is to substantiate 60 continuing education credits over a 5 year period - because of the number of seminars we attend, this is easily done in 1 to 2 years.

Peggy J. Feakes, SAMS® AMS® and CMI-I

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